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This is the story of how Elizabeth Mei becomes part of our family through international adoption. Please sign our guestbook or leave a comment so we can share your thoughts and well wishes with her as she grows!

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Friday, December 22, 2006

Many, Many thanks to our friends, Larisa, Jonathan, Allsion and Brandon for loaning us their crib and changing table. The changing table has quietly been waiting since last christmas but we just got the crib. I was so excited to put it together so the room would start to look like a nursery. As we were assembling it with the help (I guess you could call it that)of our new kitty Victor, things took a downward turn. With a grateful heart but no directions and a more and more aggravated husband, we just couldn't figure out how to get the darn thing together. After we put the tools down and stepped back, it came to me (Sam has really never even seem an assembled crib, let alone one in pieces!)that we were missing parts. I just knew those sides weren't supposed to stay up on their own. Off to the internet to find the missing parts. Viola! They would be shipped in 14 days! But I wanted them now!!!!! Good thing that I am learning to be patient.

I remember many a nights tucking Allison and Brandon into this crib. We can't wait to make those memories with Elizabeth. Thank you Mom and Dad and Uncle Bob and Aunt Margaret for the dolls that await Elizabeth.


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